CBD continues getting touts as an efficacious product for various uses. With so many CBD-based products on the market, there’s a huge demand for hemp extracts.
But the checkered legal status of CBD poses a major challenge. That’s why several potential buyers ask first – how old do you have to be to buy CBD?
To get correct information on the legal buying age, you need access to more details. Through this post, you’ll get access to everything about CBD legislation. It will make getting CBD products more comfortable if it’s legal for you to purchase.

Is CBD Legal?

Cannabis isn’t legal for recreational use in several US states, but CBD is. That’s something some users don’t seem to wrap their head around. Since the main plant it’s extracted from isn’t in the clear, why is it’s extract legal in many states?
To answer this question, a few comparisons and in-depth details are essential.
Legislation on CBD has become favorable in recent times, meaning there are a few differences you may not notice.
Similar to the CBD and THC debate, hemp and marijuana are also topic mired in controversy.
While both are cannabis plants, consider them as two parts of a massive strand. Hemp has low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound responsible for the ‘high’ effect.
Hemp plants also possess a high amount of CBD that possesses benefits our bodies can leverage.
Marijuana, on the other hand, has a significant amount of THC, making it a top candidate for psychoactive reactions. Also, marijuana has varying levels of CBD, making some strands unusable for CBD products.
Differences in THC and CBD among both plants is what drove the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill passed and has schedules for half-decade reviews. The low THC content of hemp gave it a stellar pass for growing and product derivation through this bill.
Meanwhile, marijuana is still illegal according to federal laws. But when it comes to state laws, a few territories have legislation okaying marijuana for medicine and recreation.
CBD companies largely rely on hemp for deriving their products. The reliance on hemp largely rests on its high THC content. But cozy federal laws don’t mean hemp is available for use nationwide. Some states still have restrictions on how this plant is used.
Checking out your state laws before ordering a CBD product remains a great idea. But with more than forty states vetting CBD for use in some form, it could be legal in your state.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD?

Due to the multi-faceted legislation on CBD in place, there’s no straight answer to this question.
CBD has been touted for its enhanced effects on adults and in animals. But the truth is, these products are still fresh off the block. With no wide acceptance and regulatory framework in place, much of CBD is still in the air.
For example, there is no concrete evidence that CBD doesn’t negatively affect cognitive development in kids. And there are several studies in place with results not at an advanced stage yet.
Also, no regulation from the FDA means there’s much room for CBD to cover as a supplement for commercial use.
All these uncertainties don’t indicate there’s no age threshold for CBD buyers. Even if it varies, there’s still a way to check out the recommended purchase age
Two factors could determine how old you need to be to get CBD products. Here they are in detail;
State laws
Legislation on the required purchase age differs when it comes to CBD products. While some states allow eighteen (18) year olds purchase CBD, other states need buyers to be 21 or older.
Most states that allow CBD to be bought over the counter require you present ID before retrieving your purchase.
CBD maker
With differing orientations, CBD makers have different age restrictions on their products. Some CBD makers require their buyers to pass some form of age verification prior to purchase.
Others require buyers to be within the ages of 18 or older to purchase their products. Some companies have 21yrs as their minimum allowed age for intending buyers.

Legislation and company restrictions on CBD largely rest on its novel status. Since developing brains haven’t received extensive study, there’s still a cautious approach.
Overall, consider checking out your state laws before proceeding to buy a CBD product from any company’s website.

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

The human body has endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors, designed to modulate responses to pain, inflammation, etc.
Even with CBD still being a new product, there’s a lot science has revealed about it. CBD reacts with ECS receptors to provide relief against depression and anxiety symptoms.
CBD also acts in tandem with neurotransmitters to reduce inflammation and pain. Arthritic pains and sleep problems can also be alleviated with CBD products.
Regular users of CBD products say it delivers a feeling of calm and relaxation when it sets in. Some other users say it helps them wake up after regular use.

Final Words

Since hemp plants got the green light to be grown and used in products, there’s been a significant market boom. But not everyone has warmed up to allowing CBD become a mainstay in their jurisdiction just yet.
Take the US for example. Several states currently have legislation allowing the use of CBD in some form. But most of these states don’t reflect the liberal stance of federal legislation.
With so many checkered laws and regulations, there’s a blur when it comes to age limits, permitted users, etc.
But how old do you have to be to buy CBD?
Just as the laws governing CBD are checkered, it also varies from place to place. Generally, buyers have to be at least eighteen to twenty-one to get CBD. And with several states still considering updating legislation on CBD, there could be changes to the limit any time soon.